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Here you'll find important resources to guide you as a member of our team!

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Please complete this promptly when instructed to do so. This allows you to officially become a member of our team and be able to participate in FIRST competitions, etc.

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Meeting Zooms/Docs
Get to know our team
Team Handbook

Read our Team Handbook. It contains important information about how our team runs.

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"ABC's of Team 2638"

Inspired by the "ABC's of South Middle School," this document gives you a nice, brief overview of all there is to know about FIRST and our team.


Robotics Parts and Tools Guide

An amazing guide created by our team members! Learn the basics of the parts and tools we use on a daily basis.

Google Docs

Inventor (CAD) Video Lessons/Assignments

Here are some helpful CAD lessons that are part of our team's CAD Summer Program. These are perfect for both newcomers and veterans. As a new member, we suggest you skim some of the videos to get a feel for CAD. Although you will have an opportunity to complete these assignments in the summer, if you would like to actually complete the assignments now, please ask Reid.

Unofficial FRC Terminology Guides

What are the pits? What's OPR? A Talon? Week zero??? Here's a thread on Chief Delphi, a glossary from another team, and a fun "FIRST Devil's Dictionary" that contains lots and lots of FRC terminology that you will eventually encounter.

Important Websites
Robot Parts

Looking for the most common parts that we use on our robot? You've come to the right place.

FRC Game & Season

Check this page periodically for new information regarding the current FRC Game and Season, such as the FRC Game Manual.

The Blue Alliance (TBA)

The Blue Alliance (TBA) is a website containing information about every single FRC team. If you enter in a team number, you can see their stats, awards, match videos, and much, much more!

Chief Delphi (CD)

Chief Delphi (CD) essentially a forum dedicated to FRC. Be sure to browse through there time to time, as there are interesting posts there. If you have a question about something that you think the FRC community could answer, make a post there!

Social Media, Apps, and Logos

iMessage Sticker Pack

2638 Scout (iOS)

Scouting App for iOS

2638 Scout (Android)

Scouting App for Android

Our guide to many of the parts and tools FRC Teams use on a daily basis

Our guide to many of the parts and tools FRC Teams use on a daily basis


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