Rebel Robotics

"Changing the culture, one nut and bolt at a time"

Something told me we weren't doing something right. I felt intimidated my freshman year, I was confused, and so were the other 50 kids who came to the first meeting. 46 of those didn't have the courage to stay, and simply left. By the end of my freshmen year we only retained about four new members, including me. That was it.

I did many things during my summer going into sophomore year to solve this, resulting in huge successes. But one of these things — and perhaps my favorite thing — was creating this members website. People need a central place to look for things. Whether it's a huge research database or the home screen of your iPhone, people like to have one place to have everything they might need at their fingertips.

That's what this site is — a central hub for all new (and even old) members. New members know that everything they will ever need is right here at their fingertips, and don't have to worry that they're missing anything. That was my goal for this webpage and always will be.

So I sincerely hope this webpage has helped. I put a ton of time and effort into designing it and pretty much creating everything on it as well, but I hope you have gotten even more out of it than I put into it.

~ Reid Fleishman