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World Championship 2022

We finally made it to, World Champs. The apex of all FIRST competitions. The bus ride up was supposedly days long, but it felt like a few minutes looking back. Our team had been the closest together on that bus. We ate pretty well too, Houston Waffle House, Cracker Barrel, and IHOP were favorites. Some of us even tried crawfish for the first time.

The George R. Brown Convention center was huge. It's been a while since some of the seniors had been to Worlds, seeing the division fields side by side was pretty cool. It was like six regionals happening in one place simultaneously. Our robot did pretty well for a low shooting bot; we might've even been the first bot to purposefully shoot low in a match since it was our bread and butter. Learning about new and veteran teams' robots was eye-opening. It was interesting to see how other teams scored cargo and climbed.

At some point, we watched the Astros vs. Bluejays game at the stadium nearby and enjoyed the fireworks show. We also stopped by Washington DC, saw monuments, visited a museum, and took a picture with our robot in front of the Capitol.

It was an amazing experience.

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Washington D.C.