Only 4 members on the 2016 roster were on the team the last time the Rebels were at the championship (2013), so being able to take 47 members to St. Louis was an amazing feat. The Rebels had a very tough schedule in Galileo, and played 8 of the top 12 teams in their 10 matches. However, despite their poor record, the Rebels' robot was in the top half in scoring in the Galileo division. Sadly the Rebels were not picked for alliance selection, but just playing at the championship is an accomplishment in its own right. The team got to meet other teams, trade shirts, and team items, and learn countless amounts of information by learning about other robots and mechanisms.

Last time the Rebels were at the championship they won the International Safety Award, so the team was ready to repeat. The team sent its 2 safety captains down to the field as representatives to wait during the awards ceremony, as the rest of the team waited in the stands. Then the team erupted into cheers as our number was announced as winers of the UL Safety Award, 1 of 4 teams to win at the 2016 championship.

Aside from the robot, and the competition, the team explored the City of St. Louis. We ventured to the Gateway Arch, Fitz's Root Beer Factory, and Busch Stadium to see a game.

Overall the trip was a great success as we came out with an award, experience, and memories.