After coming back from Finger Lakes, Chairman's Award in hand, the Rebels had only a few days until the SPBLI Long Island Regional. At the competition, 2638, added structural support to their robot's intake, as it ha been damaged in the playoffs by a tough defender. After the minor construction, the matches began. The Rebels played strong in all their matches, but the wins just weren't coming, as they sat in 38th place after day 1, with 3 matches to go on Saturday. But the Rebels weren't about to back down, after a quick pep talk with the drive team, the team won all 3 matches on Saturday obtaining all 4 ranking points in each match pushing the Rebels into the 1 seed with 7 matches to go. The Rebels finished as the 5 seed, and chose team 527, and 271 to join their alliance. In the first round of the playoffs the Rebels lost match by a matter of inches, as one of the alliance partners, couldn't get back on the batter in time after playing stellar defense. And in match 2 the Rebels lost as a shot bounced of the tower, and the alliance we lost to went on to win the whole regional. After the competition, 2638 won the UL Safety Award, continuing their award streak at regional competitions.