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2021 Challenge Submissions

March 17th, 2021

Rebel Robotics is excited to reveal our submissions for the 2021 challenges! We decided to participate in every challenge due to our team's large size and broad skillset. Although we met virtually for most of the time, we were able to complete each challenge while learning a lot and having fun at the same time.

Game Design Challenge:
This was a very unique challenge for all involved, and we all had tons of fun. We went with a Lunar Mining theme. We had a great team arrangement as some members specialized in CAD, some specialized in the story and rules of the game, and others specialized in graphic design and animation.

You can view our submission on ChiefDelphi here.
You can view our Game Animation here.

Innovation Challenge:
We are creating an interactive game titled Lunar Locomotion for kids ages seven to ten.  Lunar Locomotion is set in outer space and will promote the discovery of four different themed planets.  The user will explore each planet by completing a series of mental and physical exercises in order to move on to the next planet.  The game will allow users to play independently with the ability to compete with friends on a leaderboard.  Parents will be able to view their child’s progress and manage their playing time.

Infinite Recharge at Home (Judging):
You can view our robot photo 1 (real-life) here.
Photo 2 (CAD).
Photo 3 (mechanisms).

Infinite Recharge at Home (Skills):
Coming soon!